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Ancient Elements Combined

Hand-throwing a Cretan pot Pots drying in the Cretan sun

The Making of a Cretan Pot

Earth, air, fire and water - the four 'elements' of the ancients - have been skilfully and artistically blended together in the village of Thrapsano in Crete since time immemorial. Local masters learned over the centuries to harness them and produce Cretan/Greek pots of the highest quality, pots which were famed throughout classical Greece and Rome - and pots which are still available today.

Local clay is moulded by craftsmen to classic designs, dried in the Mediterranean summer sun and then fired in kilns. Fresh, clean mountain air is carefully introduced to bake the pots at precisely the right temperature. When cool enough after the firing, the pots are filled with water to complete the process. The final result is a pot which is not only strong and weatherproof, but is also a delight to behold - a piece of truly classical heritage which will add grace to any garden setting or will serve to enhance a wide variety of architectural styles, both internal and external.

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A huge range of pots to choose from

The Grecian Urn

Our company, The Grecian Urn, consists of a team with strong links to both Crete and Australia. Our express aim is to make Thrapsano made Cretan/Greek pots available throughout Australia at realistic prices and in a range which will offer elegant answers to many of your garden and house design needs.

We invite you to browse through the ancient designs on offer by clicking on the links to the left and then to picture your favourites given pride of place in your home or yard.

When you have made your choice, place your 'Order' with us at The Grecian Urn and we will ensure a quick, smooth transaction.

If you have further enquiries, or wish to know about bulk purchasing, please ask us using the 'Contact' page and we will be happy to answer you as quickly as we are able.


Special Orders

We are willing and happy to discuss special orders. For example, our craftsmen have in the past been commissioned to produce giant pithoi such as those still seen today at the famed Palace of Knossos in Crete. These ancient Grecian urns still look great almost 4,000 years after they were made!

Ancient Grecian Urns at Knossos Palace, Crete

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