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Big Post Now Delivering
Our Urns Throughout Australia

We are delighted to announce that Big Post has agreed
to deliver our urns to their depots throughout Australia
and the first trail run of four urns to a customer in Cairns
proved to be a great success in every respect.

Big Post has built up a network of depots which is
continually expanding and which already covers
all the major population centres of Australia.

Please read our "Delivery" page for more details...

Grecian Urns Gracing a
Bellevue Hill Redevelopment

Pithos at Bellevue Hill      Koronios at Bellevue Hill

These two urns were recently chosen to enhance
a redeveloped home in Bellevue Hill.

The image on the left shows a large Pithos set in the midst of
a newly planted terraced section of the garden.
As the plants establish themselves the Pithos will settle in and become
the focal point of the grouping...

The first arrival on the rear balcony is a striking large Koronios.
It is also going to enhance this beautiful NSW home and will surely be
a talking point for years to come!

Pre Loved Roots

We recently donated some "crackpots"
(accidentally damaged Grecian Urns)
to the Pre-loved Roots Garden Nursery
by the South Sydney Markets in Alexandria, Sydney.

Pre Loved Roots rescues plants which,
for one reason or another, need a new start in life.
This they receive after a little TLC
administered by the centre's expert, caring staff.

Many are then sold on to new owners
at prices well below normal.

We are delighted to be able to help out by providing
a Grecian Urn classical backdrop to highlight
the plants' own intrinsic beauty.

Of course, this also means that you can now view
some of our range in the heart of Sydney
- but please remember, the pots you order from us
will be complete, not crackpots!

Grecian Urns at Pre Loved Roots Garden Nursery


South Sydney Markets

Yes, we've been taking the pots out and about again
for a little exercise and change of scenery...

Here they are enjoying their visit to the friendly,
community spirited South Sydney Markets.

(You can click on any of these images to see super-sized ones)

Grecian Urns at South Sydney Markets Grecian Urns at South Sydney Markets

Grecian Urns at South Sydney Markets Grecian Urns at South Sydney Markets

South Sydney Industrial Markets logo

A More Formal Setting

A contrasting view of our Grecian Urns being used to
good effect in Eurobodalla.

In this case, the gardens are large and formal,
while featuring native species.

Which just goes to show that our pots enhance
a whole range of settings!

Grecian Urn Espaniko and Bogiazopitharo gracing a formal garden setting. And with a Zara Narrow added for good measure!

Packing Our Pots

Many of you ask just how we send our larger pots across
Australia without any breakages.

As you can see from the photos, we use old pallets
(which you can recycle or dispose of as you wish)
and plastic film to steady the pots.

Because Hill's Parcel Service operatives can actually see the pots,
they handle them with extreme care and get them to you
safe and sound, wherever you are!

Grecian Urn Koronios being packaged Grecian Urn Pithari ready to go!
                   A large Koronios all wrapped up...                                                    And a Pithari ready to leave for South West Rocks, NSW


A NSW Country Garden, November 2010

Pots supplied by The Grecian Urn are finding their way into many a home,
both rural and suburban.

Shown below are four Pitharoi which now embellish a tree-lined avenue
in a beautiful NSW country garden in the Snowy River region.

(You can click on any of these images to see super-sized ones)

Grecian Urn Pitharoi in a country garden, NSW Grecian Urn Pitharoi in a country garden, NSW
The first Pithari is placed in position...                                                                                 And then the second...     

Grecian Urn Pitharoi in a country garden, NSW Grecian Urn Pitharoi in a country garden, NSW
         Take a step back to check...                                                                        And another, yes they're looking great!

Grecian Urn Pitharoi in a country garden, NSW Grecian Urn Pitharoi in a country garden, NSW
        Now, from further down the tree-lined avenue...                                 Two more Pitharoi at the far end complete the picture!

The owners are delighted with their Grecian Urns
and we are sure that future generations
of their family will feel the same.

Urns made by the traditional methods we employ
have been known to survive for thousands of years -
perhaps even outlasting the trees!


Australia Day 2010

Spending Australia Day at Carcoar in NSW is a must for many local people.

Since Carcoar is but a short ride from from our base in Fitzgeralds Valley,
we decided to give a few of the pots a day out!

(You can click on any of these images to see super-sized ones)

Australia Day crowds in Carcoar, NSW The Cobb & Co stagecoach in Carcoar, NSW
     Crowds gather every year at Carcoar                                                     The Cobb & Co stagecoach is a great favourite

Grecian Urn pots sunning themselves on Australia Day in Carcoar, NSW Early morning visitors and Grecian Urn pots on Australia Day in Carcoar, NSW
The pots enjoying the early morning sun...                                                 The first of the crowds start to arrive...

Grecian Urn pots being admired on Australia Day in Carcoar, NSW
A potential customer admiring the different styles...

The day was a great success and many folks were surprised and delighted
to find that these beautiful large terracotta pots are
now available in Australia.

The pots also enjoyed their outing - so much so
that they'll soon be venturing a little further afield...

Keep an eye open for them!


April 2009

The first phase of our new warehousing facility in Fitzgeralds Valley, NSW, is now complete.

As you can see, our Grecian Urns are obviously enjoying the tranquil scenery...

(You can click on any of these images to see super-sized ones)

Grecian Urns in Fitzgeralds Valley, NSW Grecian Urns relaxing in Fitzgeralds Valley, NSW

There are two containers in place at the moment, with two more to come in phase two.

Pithoi and Bogiazopitharoi taking it easy! As are the Pithari

The Pithoi, Pitharoi and Bogiazopitharoi occupy the space between the containers.

Eventually the gaps between the four containers will be roofed over
to provide a covered area of some 4,000 sq ft.

Pots of pots in container No1... And even more in No2!

Of course, the containers themselves are fitted out to store lots of pots...

From the magnificent Amphorea... to the baby Bogiazopitharoi.

From the enormous, splendid Amphorea to the smallest of the Bogiazopitharoi -
all have their place until, of course, their place is in your place!

You are welcome to visit our facility in Fitzgeralds Valley whenever you like,
just give our manager Rod Kelly a ring first to arrange a suitable time...
(02) 6368 5854


March 2008

Back in Crete to organise the next shipment of Grecian Urns to Australia.

The master craftsmen have not been idle through the European winter and here are
a couple of images of pots ready for firing (so they are not their final colour as yet).

Large Koronios ready for the kiln


This huge Koronios stands 1.70 metres (5ft 7in) high and is available in Australia
through The Grecian Urn as a special order.

Also ready for the furnace were two new designs of amphorae,
one very heavily decorated, which we may well add to our range.
Please let us know your opinion...

Two new amphora designs we may well stock



January 2008


The Grecian urns arrive in Australia  The warehouse fills with cretan pots
As the container begins to empty...                                          the warehouse begins to fill!
Grecian Urn pots in storage

After a couple of minor delays and the great Australian Christmas/New Year break, The Grecian Urn's first container was finally unpacked in Australia on 9th January, 2008.

The top-left picture shows the last of the pots remaining in the container - large Rubakis to the left and Bogiazopitharos on the right. Before long the warehouse became a little more busy and things had to start getting stacked (image: top-right).

The picture at the bottom shows clearly the large Adages in their stands (high and low) with - to their left - one of the magnificent Amphoreas with its intricate traditional patterning and - to the left again - a large Pithari one metre in height.

For those buying Grecian Urn Cretan pots online, you can pay by credit card using our secure "Order" page and then collect your purchases directly from Fitzgeralds Valley, NSW - or we can assist in finding transport for you with Toll Ipec or by a range of alternative methods depending on the circumstances.

For customers wishing to view our superb pots, please email to make an appointment.



Cretan pots ready to go! More Cretan pots made for The Grecian Urn

October 2007

The above images show our Cretan pots stacked up in Thrapsano prior to dispatch. Particular care has been taken by the master craftsman in charge to ensure that each and every pot packed for The Grecian Urn is of the highest possible standard and each carries his own stamp as his personal assurance of quality.

An Amphoreas prior to firing Some idea of scale - impressive, to say the least!
An amphoreas just prior to firing                                        These pots are truly massive...

The Amphoreas

The Amphoreas could be said to be the flagship of The Grecian Urn's range of Cretan pots. The first image shows one drying prior to firing, but it has to be seen in perspective to get a reasonable impression of its size and sheer presence - and we are sure we have gone some way towards this with the second photo!

The Grecian Urn orders the Amphoreas in matching pairs to facilitate designs/layouts requiring two of these magnificent pots (given that they are hand-made, no two will ever be exactly the same, of course!)

Large Bogiazopithari ready for dispatch Whether you are 5ft 6in or 6ft 1in, these pots are astounding!
Bogiazopithari ready for Australia                               John (on the right) is almost 6ft 2in...

The Bogiazopithari

Equally impressive in scale is largest of the Bogiazopithari range. Just envisage a pair of these framing the entrance to your home or an archway either indoors or in the garden.

Apart from their size, the very shape of these Cretan pots will be sure to inspire the artist in us all.

Ancient pots on display in Crete

The First Consignment

The Grecian Urn's first order has been completed and is now on its way to Australia. Delivery is expected on December 11th, 2007.

You can pre-order any of our range by visiting our Order page. No payment will be necessary at this stage.

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