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The Koronios

The Koronios

The Koronios is again a very versatile pot which can either be planted or used as architectural enhancement.

The shape of the Koronios might well inspire dreams of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves - just whisper "Open sesame" and you'll be transported to another world!

As with all our Cretan pots, the dimensions given below are approximate. Being hand-made involves a certain amount of variation and the traditional firing of the pots means that each one is unique.

Code No Size Price AU$
GU002A 90 x 70 Sorry, sold out!
GU002B 70 x 60 595
GU002C 60 x 55 345
GU002D 50 x 45 170
GU002E 40 x 38 Sorry, sold out!
GU002F 30 x 30 Sorry, sold out!
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